Amber Jacobs

Miss Spotlight 1st Princess 2019

Amber Jacobs

Miss Western Cape 2019

Leighche Thomas

Miss Huguenot 2019

Cyeshia-Brooke du Toit

2nd Princess at Junior Miss Paarl 2019

Cally Daniels

Miss Noorder Paarl 2019

Ava-Rose Fortuin

Miss Tiny Tot Northpine 1st Princess 2019, Best ramp skills

Cyeshia-Brooke du Toit

A.R model of the year 2018

Amy-Joy Sitzer

Miss Winelands 2018

Jade Trueman

Miss Immanuel 2018, Miss personality

Cyeshia-Brooke du Toit

Miss New Orleans 2nd Princess 2018


” I am Amber Jacobs a model at A.R models. Since being at A.R models my confidence has increased and I have also built many good friendships with the other models in my class. Every Saturday it’s a pleasure to go to class because everyone supports and encourages each other in the progress when learning new things. A.R models has been a life changing experience so far and I’m excited for the months and even years ahead.”
Amber Jacobs
A.R models has been the best thing that has happened in my daughters life. I tried everything in the hopes of getting my daughter to do an extra mural activity but failed miserably. When A.Rmodels open it was like a prayer answered. My daughter immediately felt accepted and wanted to attend classes. I have to say Ilke takes her time to motivate, promote, guide and train her young and up coming models every step of the way. I have witnessed Ilke be incredibly patient and caring with each and every lady attending A.R models whilst teaching them that it takes thick skin and diligence to be in this industry. A.R Models is also amazing in teaching the ladies how to be professional and responsible whilst building a career and portfolio and that having fun is part of the journey. Ilke has really been a pillar of support and helped in teaching her to be herself and love herself in a world that would like you not to. I can’t thank A.R Models and Ilke enough for giving my daughter hope and something she loves and looks forward to attending.
Yvette Diedericks
Ek as jodie se mammie dink dat dit n goeie platform is vir om Jodie se model loopbaan en vir haar toekoms vir die rigting waarin sy wil studeer.Soos ek kan sien is sy baie gelukkig daar en geniet haar verskriklik baie en sien altyd uit na die volgende klas wat sy moet bywoon
Wilma Hannam
We are one big happy family. My Saturdays are filled with love, laughter and lots of selfies! Each of my models have a special place in my heart
Ilke Fortuin, owner and founder
I started my A.R models journey last year June. And that’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m excited to continue my journey at A.R Models and to see what the future has in store
Marché Morris
AR MODELS to me, it’s not just a model school but a moulding school . Where we learn on how to improve our daily routine in life . It’s a well balanced school of etiquette and beauty and there’s a place for every type of person
Chanice Abrahams, Model at A.R models
Best modeling school ever, A.R Models… Ilke has such a high standard of professionalism, but still maintain a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I will gladly recommend you to everyone.
Charlene Jacobs, an A.r model’s mommy
A.R Models is a place where dreams come true. I was given the opportunity to become part of A.R Models and took it without hesitation. A.R Models is more that just a “model school”, within a year there, I found the confidence to be myself, I was taught self love, techniques, you name it. I became comfortable with being confident, I managed to break free from my fears, all thanks to my coach, ILKE FORTUIN. A.R Models is truly a second home, I’ve found a sisterhood in those beautiful ladies. THANK YOU ILKE FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND ALLOWING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE!”
Bodine Benjamin
At first I was very nervous. Being surrounded with so many girls and being new is a new adjustment. But after the third class I felt like Im apart of the sisterhood. You never feel alone. Everyone is so nice and kind. Its the most amazing feeling knowing that you surrounded with positive ladies🌻
Its my home right now🌞
Jamie-lee Williams
AR Models brings out the best in the girls and boost their self confidence.Its the place where they learn that beauty comes from within.”
Willishia Abrahams, Mommy of an A.R model
It feels like home ,filled with laugher and happiness.My self-esteem had a huge boost since I started at AR posture, walk and introduction has really improved since I’ve been a part of the team.
Irmah Tiemie
AR Models is without a doubt one of the best model schools I came across. My daughter has gained a lot of confidence and her self-esteem improved drastically through this company. We are very happy on how Miss Ilke is managing her company and we got much more than we had hoped for.
Stacy Benjamin
In the past I have had the honor of collaborating with A.R Models and it has been of the best collaboration I have ever been a part of. Working with people who respect your dreams and ambitions that’s what makes what I do worthwhile. A.R Models is an up and coming model agency that always brings out the best in their models and best believe they are going places. Higher and Higher
Clinteno Trevino, Designer
A.R models learned me to be more confident about my self and to believe in my abilities that I can do anything if I just put my heart and soul into it.A.R models isn’t just a model school to me it’s more like home with family that support each other like siblings.Being at A.R Models is one of the best decision I’ve made#Fun#sisterhood#family
Chantê Van Der Westhuizen
A.R MODELs informative, insightful for those interested in developing a foundation in modeling but most of all building self confidence.
Sharmonay Alexander, A.R Model mommy
It is always such a pleasure working with the A. R Models team! The lady’s are so beautiful, talented and always very professional. Ilke does such an amazing job with this fantastic group of girls and I am not surprised as she herself is an exceptional women!
Alicia Nel, Make up artist